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The fun doesn't have to stop! Once you get a taste for easy home entertaining, why not do it more regularly? With our subscription, you can receive a surprise new kit every month or every 2 months, to kick start your next dinner party. 

All members of our subscription, receive their box at the same time each month.
All members of our subscription get 10% off purchases from our other collections.*

Prior to each delivery, we will email you with some hints about the style of the next setting, remind you to schedule in your evening of fun with friends or loved ones, offer you the opportunity to upgrade the size of your box or add some optional extras to enhance your evening.

[Depending when you join, your first box will be delivered during the next cycle. Our kits are sent around the 15th of each month. We will inform you upon booking if you can receive it sooner.]  

For your subscription, you can choose from 3 size options:-       
- Table setting for 2 people
- Table setting for 4 people
- Table setting for 6 people 
You can choose your frequency:-    
- Monthly  
- Every 2 months
You can tell us about your table:-              
- Square
- Rectangular
- Round
Each box arrives with simple set up instructions. None of the contents have a shelf life (ie fresh flowers or food items) so YOU can decide when to have your evening of fun, no pressure from us.
Our goal is to save you time and effort, elevate your table to impress your guests and encourage some stylish fun at home!


* 10% off for members on purchases from our Glassware, Serveware and Barware collections, plus on purchases of our gift subscription.