About Us

To try and describe the style here at Table Tribe is quite a tough challenge. Sometimes we don’t know why we love a product but when we discover something, we just know it will work on our table designs. 

We love pattern. Usually structured pattern rather than totally abstract and we prefer to limit the amount of pattern in one tablescape so nothing is fighting for attention. We love muted but deep colours and schemes that are linear and symmetrical in their layout. We love bringing the colours of nature into our designs.

Table Tribe was founded by me, Jennifer, during Covid 19 lockdown. Having spent more than 10 years building a brick and mortar boutique retail business in the baby industry, I craved to start something that was about creativity, convenience, fun and most importantly, great customer service.

I am a mother of 2, almost teenage, children and apart from spending time with them, my 2nd favourite thing is spending time with friends. I love sitting around a dining table with great conversation, lots of laughs and of course some delicious wine and food.
Confession time - I am no great cook. In fact, as my friends will confirm, I am quite terrible at it if I stray past the basics! I cook like a working mum, fresh, fast and with the least ingredients as possible but it doesn't stop me wanting to host dinners at home.
The purpose of Table Tribe is to save our members time whilst encouraging them to not be afraid of hosting dinners at home. If your focus is on the food, then your Table Tribe Tablescape (that's a tongue twister!), will focus on the rest. If you don't enjoy cooking then pair your tablescape with a recipe box or even a take away! The table setting will be impressive enough.
Sit back, enjoy your evening and I look forward to welcoming you to my tribe....
Jennifer x